Pre-engineered and prefabbed control panel and battery bank, in the saftey of a secured container.
Control panel- battery bank in secured locked container

Custom Solutions

We specialize in combining new technology with proven ones, creating the most efficient and user friendly systems for our customers. Hybrid Alternative Energy Solutions are our core business.  We have the collective experience & expertise that allows us to handle projects of all sizes and needs.

Via Solar History



2007 - Via Solar founded and manufacturing of VS 1000 mobile hybrid generator started.

2008 - Start of the manufacturing of the VS 500 mobile hybrid generator begins

2009 - Expansion of manufacturing to the state of Mississippi 

2010 - Via Solar introduces remote solar lighting specifically  for government agencies and industry.

2011 - Expansion of services into other countries such as Haiti, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico

2012 - Patent pending solar array brought to market

2013 - Integration of wind turbine to hybrid, mobile solar systems

2014 - Battery containment system developed for mobile application

2015 - strategic partnerships with manufactures and suppliers 

2016 - expansion of charitable services to  programs that need Via Solar's a

2017 - Development of translucent solar panel for optimal space & energy savings 

Mobile solar hybrid generator.  Propane, wind power, battery bank, hybrid power anywhere, anytime.

2018 -  Alternative energy provider for the Cajun Navy and Warrior Homestead Projects

2019 -  Adaption of Perovskite solar cells in mobile solar units, yielding a 28% increase in power