Hybrid Solar Energy Systems

Hybrid power wind turbine generation combined with solar, battery makes redundant reliable systems

Large or small power systems in all combinations are our forte.  We specialize in the integration of different mediums to create optimal redundancy , reliability and efficiency. 

Mobile Solar-Hybrid Solutions

Mobile, hybrid solar power. the first, the best redundancy safe reliable power anywhere off-grid

Mobil solar hybrid power is our legacy. The VS 1000 was the first mobile, hybrid  generator of it's kind. Incorporating solar, propane, battery and  wind generation in a mobile application insures you'll never be without power.

Residential & Commercial

excellent dependable workers installing panels, system on residential home or commercial buildings.

Experienced professionals that knengineer and install solar power systems to provide the maximum efficiency and economic benefits possible; always staying within your budget. 

Remote Alternative Energy Power

Web based controls for solar power systems.   Energy management and monitoring.  Customize-able

Monitoring of solar - hybrid systems from anywhere in real time.  Remote trouble-shooting of system, with ability of monitoring  power output, efficiency and usage.

Generator Repair & Service


We repair and service all brands and sizes of generators; as well as upgrading, repairing failing solar power systems.

EV Charging Stations

EV charging station for electric cars. Either grid tied or off grid applications. business, personal

Electric vehicle charging stations either grid tied or powered by solar & battery; we have the ability to make your transition to an electric vehicle more pleasant and secure.


manufacturer of mobile solar power systems solar panels. inverters, wind turbines, alternative power

-Engineering & Design of Hybrid Solar Energy Systems

-Mobile Solar Solutions

-Residential and Commercial Solar Installation and Design

-Remote Access Alternative Energy Power

-Retailer & Wholesaler of Solar Panels, Electronics & components 

-Electric Vehicle (EV) Solar Charging Systems

-Custom Solar Power Integration

-Emergency Generator Repair & Maintenance 

-Replacement parts and servicing of existing solar units

Mobile and Standalone Hybrid Power Systems

The VS 1000 was the first mobile, solar, hybrid generator available in the market.

VS !000 Specifications

-Hybrid Design, -Solar/battery/propane/gas, 

-Rated 5.8kw surge, Rated 4.8kw continuous, -120/240 volts @ 50Hz ,

-MPPT Outback Controller, 

-Power adjustable actuated solar array, -Remote Control Function
-3 years Manufacture Battery warranty, -25 years Manufacture Solar panel warranty
-On/off road registrable trailer


Via Solar is a provider of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging solutions for commercial, hospitality, government and university facilities.   Via Solar has developed an off grid application and monitoring system, perfect for today's busy life.                               

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